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Alternate Names:Waste Water Treatment plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Water Reuse Plant etc.

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Effluent Treatment Plans.

Waste water is produced in surface treatment process or surface coating process if water wash spray booths are used for finishing. This waste water cannot be released in storm water or sewage system due to chemical contaminants in them and local municipal guidelines. In such a situation an Effluent Treatment plant or Reverse Osmosis plant is used to treat wast water and to be able to reuse the treated water for industrial applications.

Applications : Automotive Finishing, Electrical appliances finishing, Chemical plants, Railway, Aviation, Oil and Gas, Power etc.

We at IASF will assess the plant area for production of waste water and suggest appropriate size, mechanism, filtration, installation location in your facility for maximum productivity and efficiency.

We will also work with you as a team and design/specify the Effluent treatment plant according to your budget, space available and health safety and environmental requirements.

At IASF we work together with the client to achieve highest form of customer satisfaction.