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Alternate Names: Fettling Booth, Grinding Booth, Environmental Booth, Dust Extraction Booth,

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Fettling Booth

The Primary application of this type of booth is to prevent environmental hazards by emitions of grinding/fettling in a metal manufacturing factory and to prevent health and safety hazards caused to the employees working in and around this process. The fettling booth safely extracts the dust created in fettling process, filters it and then emits it in the atmosphere. These type of booths can cater to any size,material and the process of the parts being processed.

Applications :Metal industry, manufacturing, Foundry, Machining, Fabrication, Refurbishment and refinishing etc.

We at IASF will assess the parts to be treated and desired production to suggest appropriate size, of the booth, material handling system and installation location in your warehouse for maximum productivity and efficiency.

We will also work with you as a team and design/spec. the Fettling Booth/strong> according to your budget, available space and health and safety requirements.

At IASF we work together with the client to achieve highest form of customer satisfaction.