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Alternate Names: Surface Finishing Plants, Finishing Plants, Coating Plants, Paint Plants, Paint Lines, Spray Painting Plant, Metal Finishing Industry

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Surface Coating Plants

Surface Coating Plants are primarily used for finishing of metal, wood or plastic manufactured goods. Every part manufactured needs to be painted for preventing it from corrosion and increasing its life span and to increase its aesthetic appeal.

IASF offers comprehensive solutions for surface coating plants by manufacturing surface coating booths for vast variety of applications. We custom build wet spray booths or powder coating booths according to your manufacturing process, finish required and available budget.

Our plants are designed in such a way that your painting process would have minimum impact on health and safety of your team and environmental emissions. We pride ourselves to provide customized solutions to reduce excess plant cost on standard equipment when some of the features are not essential for your process.

Applications: Electrical appliances and components, Machinery and equipment, Automotive, Truck body repairs and building, Bus refurbishing and building, Metal industry, Wood works, Plastic components, etc.

At IASF we will work together with you as a team to achieve efficient plant engineering with minimum project time, in budget plants and maximum customer satisfaction.