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Alternate Names: Conveyor Curing Oven, Powder Coating Oven, Automatic Curing Oven, Wet Paint Line Oven, Powder Line Oven.

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Camel Back Curing Ovens.

Camel Back Curing Oven is primarily used when production required is medium to high and the parts to be cured can be suspended on an overhead conveyor.

Majorly Camel back curing ovens can be used to cure/bake wet spray or powder coated parts. The temperatures at which wet sprayed and powder coated parts are cured are very different and hence would require engineered airflow and heat transfer capacity. The heating can be achieved by diesel, LPG, electricity powered methods according to clients preference and budget.

Applications: Metal finishing, electrical components manufacturing, automotive spare parts, FMCG, plastic parts, Woodwork etc.

We at IASF will assess the parts to be cured, curing time and temperature required and suggest appropriate size, airflow, heating system, installation location in your warehouse for maximum productivity and efficiency.

We will also work with you as a team and design/spec. the powder coating booth according to your budget, space available and health and safety requirements.

At IASF we work together with the client to achieve highest form of customer satisfaction.