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Alternate Names:Powder Coating Plant, Powder Plant, Powder Line, Dry Painting Plant, Dry Painting Line, electro-static coat line, electro-static coat plant, etc.

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Powder Coating Lines

A complete automated powder coating line is primarily used when the parts to be coated are small to medium in size and the production rate required is high. Automated lines also facilitate reduction of labour and reduction in quality rejects maintaining the high production requirement.

A powder coating line consists of 3 stages of processes namely, surface treatment, surface coating and curing. All the components in these processes are custom selected according to the part size, weight, desired production and available budget.

Energy consumption and environment emissions can also be regulated as per the company policy.

Applications : Metal finishing, Plastic Finishing, Electrical Components Finishing, machinery and equipment, electrical appliances etc.

We at IASF will assess the parts to be powder coated and desired production to suggest appropriate size, airflow, heating system, installation location in your warehouse for maximum productivity and efficiency.

We will also work with you as a team and design/specify the powder coating line according to your budget, space available and health and safety requirements.

At IASF we work together with the client to achieve highest form of customer satisfaction.