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Alternate Names: Chemical Pre-Treatment, Spray Treatment, Conveyor Surface Treatment, Continuous Surface Treatment, Tunnel Surface Treatment

Offer: Design, Manufacture, Install/Retrofit and Commission Low Cost Chemical Pre-Treatment Plants.

Chemical Treatment is one of the primary methods of surface treatment of the parts to be painted or powder coated. This process eliminates oils, rust and impurities on the surface of the parts via degreasing and rinse process with the aid of appropriate chemicals and forms bonding layer on the surface which aids in better bonding with the paint material.

Primarily this type of surface treatment is used to treat small,medium and large size parts which can be suspended on a crane or conveyor depending on size, weight and the required production rate.

Applications : Metal finishing, electrical components, automotive spare parts, industrial machinery and equipment spare parts, metal processing and components, Electrical Appliances, piping and cylinders.

We at IASF will assess the parts to be treated and desired production to suggest appropriate size, of tunnels, material handling system, pumps, heaters and installation location in your warehouse for maximum productivity and efficiency.

We will also work with you as a team and design/spec. the spray treatment plant according to your budget, available space and health and safety requirements.

At IASF we work together with the client to achieve highest form of customer satisfaction.